A new working tool

In order to improve the quality of our wines, we undertook a complete restructuring of our winery in 2013/2014, including the building of a new vat house, a new barrel cellar, a tasting room, a vineyard equipment building.

The vat house

The new vat house, entirely equipped with stainless steel vats, was designed along three basic principles:
1 – Plot-based wine-making: the new vats have been sized to match our vineyard plots and to allow more precise control of the wine-making process.
2 – Gravity-handling of the harvest: the grapes are brought into the vats in small hoppers to minimize damage before the wine-making process begins.
3 – Automated temperature control in the vats.

The barrel cellar

The new barrel cellar allows an even more qualitative aging of our cuvées in an environment perfectly controlled in temperature and hygrometry.

The tasting room

The tasting room is equipped to allow professionals and customers to taste our wines in the best possible conditions. It offers an interior view of the vats and opens outward on the southern slopes of Saint-Emilion.

The vineyard equipment building

The new winery gives our team space and ergonomics adapted to our needs to maintain and store our vineyard equipment. The new integrated building forms an elegant and distinctive building which is already a landmark in our area of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens.

This major investment, combining tradition and modern technology, is a testimony to our will to evolve the wines of Château Croix de Bertinat towards ever higher quality and notoriety.

The new winery has been operational since the 2014 harvest.