The Château Croix de Bertinat estate

Choosing Château Croix de Bertinat was the result of several factors combined :

  • A great terroir,
  • A small-size, well-kept estate, both vineyard and winery,
  • And the encounter with the key people of the estate : Alain Lafaye, former owner, Thomas Duclos, œnologist, and Benoit Mathieu, vineyard worker who all have decided to carry on working with us on our new venture.

While keeping with the well-established wine-making traditions of Saint-Emilion, and respecting the work accomplished over the years by our predecessors, we progressively bring to the estate a modern and efficient infrastructure and new equipment which will allow us to further improve the quality of the wines from Château Croix de Bertinat.

Our approach is a blend of traditional methods and modern technology resulting in wines that fully reflect the quality of our terroir.