History of Château Croix de Bertinat

Fragmented over the past centuries, the Château Croix de Bertinat Estate has been reconstituted by its new owners to its original configuration.

Cassini’s map, established in 1756, mentions an estate named Bertinat located on the same spot as the current Estate House.

Mid-nineteenth century, following an inheritance, the house was separated from its vineyard. The vineyard itself was subsequently broken up.

In 2012, Anne-Marie and Patrick Saunier acquire at the same time the vineyard and the Estate House, thus reconstituting the estate of Bertinat as it used to exist one and a half century before.

“After a thirty-year international career in the chemical industry we have decided, at an age when others think of retiring, to take up a new challenge and live fully our passion for wines by acquiring an estate. Long-time lovers of Saint-Emilion wines, we naturally turned to this appellation to fulfill our dream.”